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Hi all my readers and multiplayer online battle arena lovers!

I Dr. Moba, a dedicated and passionate writer and MOBA gamer with a vast experience and knowledge in MOBA genre. I have been in the online gaming industry for over ten years, and I more than happy to pass my knowledge, experience, and ideas about the genre to you.

Frankly speaking, if you are a first-timer to MOBA games, it is more likely that you have inadequate information as far the mentioned genre is concerned. If you are in such a state, it very likely that you will quickly turn into the Internet for some basic information. Although I cannot substantially provide evidence that the information you are going to get will not be substantial, I know from experience that most online sites contain irrelevant information, out-of-date contents, incorrect data, and many unworthy chunks of information.

Unfortunately, this is the kind of information that can never be used to make a reasonable decision as far as MOBA games are concerned. I understand that this is quite frustrating, but I have good news for you. I do things a little bit different, and my website and MOBA game reviews offer a complete contrast of what I had mentioned previously. Be rest assured to get everything you want about MOBA games with a click of a button.

As I finish, let me wish you good luck and all the best as you start the enjoyable journey of playing online games in the genre mentioned above. Enjoy yourself and have great fun.


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