Supernova is a classic 3D sci-fi themed MOBA game

Supernova is a classic 3D sci-fi themed MOBA game

Supernova Game Review


Supernova is one of the classic 3D sci-fi themed MOBA games featuring state-of-the-heart features and characters from humanoids to aliens, and to mechs. It goes without a saying that the above game mixes RTS (real-time strategy) and MOBe elements in an equal ratio to create a new MOBA experience where artificial intelligence controlled minions or creeps plays a crucial role in the game. You are now called upon to try playing Supernova to unveil its hidden aesthetics.

As previously stated, the above is a sci-fi themed multiplayer online battle arena game that signifies on returning the MOBA genre back to its original roots (RTS-real time strategy) with players being able to influence creep waves. When playing the game, players can upgrade creep from lower levels to higher levels by adding spawns, spending in-game currency, and much more. The upgrading aspect adds a new element of strategy to the genre, which will require gamers to adapt their creeps to conquer their enemies or opponents while still battling it out in classic MOBA fashion.

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Supernova Features

Designed by Primal Game Studios and published by Bandai Namco group, Supernova takes on the MOBA genre to the next level. Boasting of traditional formula with incredible twists and the state-of-the-heart graphics, the above online game allows players to choose warriors from either the rank of aliens or humans. After selecting an appropriate team, a player is supposed to manage a broad range of technologies to steer up your team to victory.

Aside from the traditional MOBA-style gameplay, Supernova gamers are required to use drops obtained in-game to boost and improve the base abilities of their favorite characters. Additionally, players can call upon Mechanoughts, commonly referred to as ‘planet-razing ancient technology’ to invade into enemy’s territory and defense.

As stated, in Supernova, the universe is the battle arena, and gamers must battle as aliens or humans ensuring that their races exist forever. In this game, commanders and troops emanating from across the Galaxy meet in a fight against each other trying to save their race from extinction. During the match, commanders/soldiers who seem to be the strongest are the ones who save their species from interstellar annihilation. Players are required to choose from a wide variety of commanders to control, which include cyborgs, robots, or interstellar races.

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The core gameplay in the above game is more or less similar to MOBAs like DotA and League of Legends, but commanders have at least three abilities. The good thing about this game is that the commanders can be customized outside the game using various enhancements.

As you all know, like the Heroes of the Storm, the above MOBA game does not have items, but players can upgrade several stats and unlock passives. During the match, players are required to deploy units, working out a synergy between land, air units, and infantry that lend an RTS feel to the game. Another thing that is worth noting is that units have different weaknesses and strengths, so boosting them when appropriate and playing proper units adds another layer of tactics and strategy in the game.

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