Battleborn somehow lacks an identity

Battleborn somehow lacks an identity

Battleborn Review

For an online game with so many strong personalities, Battleborn somehow lacks an identity of cohesion and shows a lot of repletion in the gameplay. Every facet from the characters to the visual presentation to the progression feels a little bit overloaded with ideas; some ideas are good, some bad, and still others are just confusing.

The above game throws a lot against the wall, resulting into a scattered grabbag of manic gameplay, cartoony humor, and complex leveling. Indeed, the game vacillates wildly between predictability and excitement, routine and innovation, incomprehensibility and inspiration. In general, although messy, Battleborn is fun, and we all need to appreciate its hyper-stimulating approach; the skills of parsing the experience underneath can be maddeningly tricky at times!

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Battleborn Features

There is no doubt that Battleborn is one of the unique MOBA games. Indeed, punters should know that the above is a first-person shooter game centered on frenetic combat. Although most of its features are cartoon-like, the level of fighting in the game is magnificent. As a player, you are going to fight against aliens as well as robots instead of humans, but one thing that seems funny is that there is no gore or blood seen on the battlefield.

Besides that, some mild profanity words are being used. While the controls in this game are easy to learn, I have noted that most players have challenges learning and becoming skilled with the abilities/skills of each character for each particular battle situation, which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Despite some criticism that the game failed to impress, the first-person action is frantic, fast, and fun. Besides that, the game’s cast of playable characters is incredible and very impressive. Players have the freedom to choose from twenty-five different heroes, all of which possess distinct visual styles, play uniquely from one another, and each has a distinct personality.

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Frenetic, frictionless and fast

Getting into the fights, each character/player has a standard attack as well as a small selection of abilities, which give them their special mojo, including an ultimate the unlocks part-way through a match. As the action unveil, you will realize that it is frenetic, frictionless, and fast. Indeed, common barriers or obstacles to enjoyment, for instance, sprinting, falling, reloading, stamina, and much more, have been stripped away.

In other words, there’s nothing that stops fighting actions, except some overstretched and slightly confusing level layouts.
One of the defining specs of most MOBA games is having players/characters start at level number one for every match, which is not an exception of Battleborn. However, as you progress through the game, you will earn points, which allows you to purchase new abilities for your character of choice.


  • Total - 8.2/10


While Battleborn MOBA game might not live up to its incredibly promoted hype, at some point, the game delivers over and beyond the expectation. In fact, the above game is dripping with personality; between its cartoon-like graphics, funny dialog sequences, and entertaining cut-scene sequences. If are you planning to play Battleborn, then they are a lot to be enjoyed, including character selection, experimenting abilities, a variety of game modes (such as capture, incursion, meltdown) and much more.

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