How to download Xbox 360 games for free


The original Microsoft Xbox video game system hit the market in 2001 to compete with Sony PlayStation and Nintendo GameCube. It featured a specially designed graphics processor, 5 X DVD drive, and was driven by a 733MHz Pentium III central processing unit. It also boasted four game ports, Ethernet network, and connectivity to the internet.

Wireless networks have been added, and the ATI graphics card correctly increases rendering speeds.

Xbox 360 improvements make the game possible with precise details and spectacular graphics. Demand for new games for Xbox 360 is quickly filled with first-person shooter games, real time strategy games, and role playing games. If you are like most gamers, your money may be used up before you can get all the new games you want, but there are other ways to get this game. There are a number of websites that allow you to download Xbox 360 games for less, and in some cases, free.

This Xbox 360 game download site is quite easy to find.

Simply do a Google or Bing search for “free Xbox 360 Game Downloads.” You should get a large number of hits. Some of the sites that offer Xbox 360 game downloads are completely free. These sites often have very slow transfer speeds, and also download spyware, adware, and other damaging malware onto your computer. If you plan to use this site, make sure you have excellent anti-virus protection.

The best choice, in my opinion, is not free, but close enough. For just a small one time membership fee, some sites will offer unlimited Xbox 360 game downloads of each game in their inventory. Shop around until you find a site with the lowest one-time registration fee, and start downloading. One other option is to use a site that offers downloads on a pay-per-download basis. You will pay more per download, but usually find that the site offers a faster transfer speed.

If you are still contemplating the free Xbox 360 game download option, there is another way to go using torrents. You can use a software application called 1 / 4Torrent to download these torrents. If you are not familiar with torrent software, here is a brief summary: most of the features available with other torrent bit clients are resident in 1/4 Torrent. This includes bandwidth priority, scheduling, RSS auto download, and DHT mainline. Also, supports shared encryption protocol specifications, and peer exchanges.

Torrent is written to be the most efficient.

Do not take over scarce system resources. Actually, it uses less than 6 MB of memory. Your computer won’t know it exists. This program allows you to download Xbox 360 games, but only requires about 220 KB of memory.

The developers insist on making the software user friendly, and they succeed. Unlike some software companies that release software too early, and then continue to send updates, these developers release their software only when fully tested and ready.

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